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Theodore House is managed by The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst Trading Limited, a subsidiary company of The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst charity. The CHC Trading Limited operates Theodore House commercially as a facility selling residential accommodation and meeting facilities, and trades as Theodore House.

At any given time, Theodore House may accommodate a mix of different groups and individual visitors. All visitors staying at Theodore House should be aware that Theodore House may be hosting groups that include children or adults at risk. The leaders of such groups should assume that other, commercial users may be on site simultaneously, unless the group has made an exclusive booking of Theodore House.

Therefore, it is a requirement of staying with us that all users of Theodore House agree to abide by the necessary measures we put in place to safeguard groups with children and adults at risk.


The leaders of groups with children or adults at risk are responsible for complying with their own organisation’s practices and procedures to ensure the welfare of their group.

Theodore House only offers accommodation to children when they are accompanied by an adult. By purchasing accommodation for the child, the adult takes full responsibility for the child’s welfare and supervision during the stay.

Risk assessment

The management will endeavour to provide visiting groups with children or adults at risk, ahead of time, with basic information about the number and composition of other individuals and groups using Theodore House during their stay.

In assigning bedrooms, the management considers the most appropriate distribution for enabling supervision within groups, separation between male and female students, and as much privacy and separation as is possible from other residents. Group leaders will be provided with floorplans to review bedroom distribution.

It will be the responsibility of group leaders to consider the information provided, to assess the risks for their own group, and to implement effective safeguarding measures, in line with their organisation’s safeguarding procedures.

Room sharing

Children with family members may be given their own room or share a room with their relatives, at the discretion of their parents or guardians.

Children from educational establishments or other groups will not be permitted to share a room with an adult (with the exception of sixth form students who are part of the same year group), unless a child’s health or wellbeing would prevent them from staying with us otherwise. In such a case, a carer will be allowed to share with the child on receipt of proof in writing that the parents or guardians of the child have provided consent to that.


Duplicate keys for a child’s room may be provided by the management to the parent or guardian upon request. Group leaders will be responsible for deciding whether to request duplicate keys for those under their care, as per their organisation’s safeguarding procedures.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Policy forms part of the legal booking terms and conditions for Theodore House. Theodore House will not consider itself bound by any booking found to contravene the above terms and conditions.


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